We develop TECHNOLOGY & SW for diagnostic and defectoscopy information systems, using artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI & ML). We process large volumes of structured data in real time with the aim of evaluating traffic safety using Big Data Analyses (BDA), we create Data Warehouses of Diagnostics (DSD) and transport traffic with the aim of improving the immediate maintenance and repair of railway, roadway and waterway transport networks.

Advanced Data Processing Services and Comprehensive Diagnostic Dispatching

We implement a complex information system solution for the integration of heterogeneous data obtained by measuring various parameters of the railway superstructure and other components of the railway track such as catenary, signals, railway track imaging, spatial permeability, etc. We perform integration of various data sources from different geographically dispersed workplaces and mobile measuring systems (measuring vehicles, measuring draisines, manual surveying).

Heterogeneous diagnostic data sources

We handle data from any diagnostic measuring system, e.g.:

  • rail grating imaging and defect detection
  • rail defectoscopy
  • railway track imaging
  • imaging of signals
  • measurement of catenary parameters
  • video inspection system of spatial clearance
  • ultrasonic measuring systems
  • eddy current measurement systems
  • other diagnostic measuring systems

Data validated, cleaned and processed for import into an integrated data warehouse.

Who are data warehouse users?

With our integrated data warehouse solution, we provide views and data management for:

  • diagnostic experts
  • track management operations experts
  • middle management of the diagnostics division
  • middle management track operation planning
  • senior management to support strategic management and sophisticated planning for operation assurance at different levels of granularity of the rail network
  • Consolidated aggregated outputs for analytics and sophisticated strategic management support to the top management of the organisation

Data warehouse

All data for diagnostics is integrated into a centralized data warehouse and the data is linked using a single standardized location (odometer measurement, stationing, track identification, route identification, GPS or a combination of both approaches for positioning on the railway route). The centralized data warehouse offers a wide range of functions:

  • data visualisation in the form of reports, graphs, tables
  • evaluation, consolidation and aggregation of data at different levels of granularity
  • wide possibilities of data filtering for outputs (sections, lines, TUDU, ST, OŘ)
  • data filtering by acquisition dates
  • comparative analysis of data acquired in different time periods for the purpose of evaluating the efficiency and quality of diagnostics
  • key functions support on portable devices - iPad / iPhone (iOS), Android phones and tablets, special diagnostic hardware for manual surveying)
  • data visualization over the track network diagrams or over the underlying map (orthophoto, schematic)
  • providing access to data for other systems using automated web services with strict adherence to standard protocols for communication and data exchange (http, https, xml, json, etc.)