About NDCon GROUP 


The origins of the international NDCon GROUP date back to 1996, when NDCon s.r.o. was founded by Babtie International. In early 2014, NDCon Logic a.s. was founded. Subsequently, other companies were established for engineering, design, research and consulting activities in the Central European region, subsequently expanding worldwide.

NDCon GROUP experts cover a wide range of issues in transport and transportation.


  • Complete delivery of measuring systems in transport
  • Complete delivery of diagnostic and defectoscopy technologies
  • Installation and operation of diagnostic and defectoscopy measurement systems
  • Complete delivery and operation of information and communication technologies within transport systems Intelligent transport systems and reference technologies
  • Optimisation of transport operations
  • Feasibility studies for transport infrastructure projects
  • Telematic and telemetric measurement in railway transport
  • Implementation of diagnostic and defectoscopic dispatching systems in transport
  • Implementation of data warehouses and document management
  • Delivery of intelligent transport systems in industrial areas
  • BAT deliveries in Railways, Higways, Motorways, Waterways, Seaways, Airways and Pipeways


  • Preparation of projects in the field of railway infrastructure development
  • Diagnostics and maintenance of existing railway infrastructure
  • Complete delivery of railway diagnostic technologies
  • System integration and ICT solutions in diagnostics
  • Solutions for energy and telco infrastructure of railway infrastructure
  • Data processing services from heterogeneous data sources
  • Integrated ICT solutions for transport
  • Processing of large volumes of structured data
  • Creation of integrated data storages
  • BDA Management - Big Data Analyses
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Transport Systems
  • Implementation of ITS - Intelligent Transport system