Measuring car for railway superstructure diagnostics MVŽSv2

Measuring car for railway superstructure diagnostics MVŽSv2IMG-20200831-WA0001IMG-20200831-WA0007IMG-20200831-WA0009IMG-20200831-WA0010IMG-20200831-WA0015IMG-20200831-WA0016IMG_20191206_093718IMG_20191206_104038IMG_20191206_113725MVZSv2_en

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Measuring car for railway superstructure diagnostics MVŽSv2

  • Specialized diagnostic wagon equipped with modern technologies for railway track diagnostics, equipped with systems designed for measuring, recording and localization of track and rail defects at speeds up to 200 km/h
  • The wagon is capable of continuous measurement of the railway track over a period of several days
  • The wagon comes with comprehensive facilities for diagnostic staff: workplace, bedroom, toilet, kitchen and presentation room
  • The wagon is equipped with a system for linking diagnostic data to the Diagnostic Data Storage (DSD), with the possibility of interpreting the measured data to improve rail safety and reliability


  • System for measuring track geometric parameters
  • System for measuring rail cross-section and rail wear
  • Measurement system for microgeometry (waviness) of rail heads
  • Lateral and vertical acceleration measurement system
  • System for measuring the transverse profile of the track bed and the axial distances between the running track and adjacent tracks
  • Spatial clearance system