Diagnostic vehicle for rail non-destructive testing DV NDT

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reg code: CZ.01.1.02/0.0/0.0/19_262/0020267

The project aims to provide new knowledge for the creation of an innovative product of a new diagnostic system for the measurement of critical components of the railway superstructure using the opto-laser method. The aim is to ensure high safety of the railway as a critical infrastructure, to increase the throughput of the railway, to reduce energy consumption, to increase the speed of railway traffic and to reduce the cost of repair and maintenance of the railway superstructure.

The aim is to ensure higher safety of critical railway infrastructure (railway track) and identification of defects, malfunctions or damage to infrastructure and other track equipment. The form of physical inspections and diagnostics of tracks has recently undergone considerable development. Measured diagnostic data is a key input for the assessment of tracks and the resulting activities, including maintenance planning. As the speed on the tracks increases, the track diagnostics is of an increasing importance (ensuring track safety). Higher speeds of passing trains place higher demands on the quality and reliability of tracks and on ensuring their serviceability.

 With the newly emerging modern technology of Opto-Laser Technology, it offers completely new possibilities for detecting defects, or suspected covered defects. The combination of such HW equipment with developed software with embedded mathematical algorithm for artificial intelligence and intelligence of the environment (containing algorithm of the method for object recognition in images for identification of areas) ensures machine decision-making about the category to which the identified object falls. This process will create an innovative product with Deep Learning + Machine Learning to provide continuously refined measurement sensitivity and smarter processes in defect identification.

  • Independent traction diagnostic vehicle exploiting the latest modern technologies for railway infrastructure diagnostics
  • Two-unit configuration vehicle: measuring and service section
  • Non-destructive measurement of rail defects - ultrasonic and eddy current technologies, video inspection Evaluation station evaluating measured data directly on the vehicle - diagnostic control room
  • The ability to carry out continuous measurements of the railway track over a period of several days Specially developed software solution intended for storage, transmission and evaluation of measured data and their archiving in the diagnostics data warehouse (DSD)
  • Comprehensive facilities for diagnostic vehicle staff - living compartment, sanitary facilities, kitchen, presentation room

Check out the press releases and reports on the results of this project.

  • THE RAILWAYS HAVE A NEW DIAGNOSTIC TRAIN (source: Ministry of Transport of the Slovak Republic, 22.8.2023) - Today the Slovak Railways inaugurated a measuring train, which will analyse the condition of tracks all over Slovakia. This will give ŽSR a perfect overview of which tracks need to be repaired as soon as possible.
  • ŽSR INTRODUCED A NEW DIAGNOSTIC TRAIN INTO OPERATION, IDENTIFIES RAILWAY FAULTS (source: zive.aktuality.sk, 22.8.2023) - The Slovak Railways (ŽSR) in the presence of the Minister of Transport Pavel Lančarič and the State Secretary Jaroslav Kmět put into operation a new diagnostic train DV NDT. It will check the quality of the materiál used and allow ŽSR to increase the frequency of measurements..... 
  • SLOVAK RAILWAYS ARE IN BAD SHAPE. NEW DIAGNOSTIC TRAIN WILL HELP FIND TRACK FAULTS (source: spravy.rtvs.sk, 22.8.2023) - The new vehicle can diagnose 500 km of tracks per week. The Railways also plans to check the entire track network twice a year. "If we can identify them earlier, it is expected that we will save money. These interventions will be done in a situation when the damage is even less," Transport Minister Pavol Lančarič stated.